Perfect Pasta Salad

11 May

If you are married to a man who loves pasta salad, like I am, and you aren’t such a fan of the mayonaisey dressings that often coat them, this is a recipe for you. I really love this recipe because it’s light and perfect for a summer day or just for fun yum 🙂 The best part about this recipe is that it’s a great eye-baller. Just add a bit of this, that or whatever you have on hand and it will taste great.

1 lb penne, rigatoni, macaroni, or any other of your favorite kind of pasta (I usually cook a pound of pasta, but save about half of it to use later in the week on something else).
2-3 Tomatoes chopped up, cherry ones are fabulous
Carrots (however many you want to add)
Any other kinds of veggies or meat you want to add (I usually stick with veggies, but it would be good with chicken too)
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Parmesan Cheese
Salt/Pepper to taste

Italian Herbs (whatever ones you like)

Boil the pasta and drain it. Add all of your chopped veggies to the pasta and then add oil and vinegar to taste (the more tangy you want it, the more vinegar you add). Then add some Parmesan to taste. You can dish it out warm or let it cool in the fridge if you want a cold pasta salad. The best part about this is that it’s open to your interpretation and it tastes so good!

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