Mom’s Frosting

12 May

My mom always made the best frosting for cakes, cookies, you name it. I consider her to be a frosting guru. She loves eating it and I think this is why she makes the best frosting –light, airy and oh so sugary 🙂 Now if you’re watching the pounds, this would probably not be for you, but it sure is good and is the way I learned to make frosting–a little of this, a little of that and you really have to taste it to know if it’s good.

Also NOTE: This is not ICING. This is thick, airy, wonderful FROSTING. So…here goes:

Crisco (you need to eyeball it–the quantity of frosting you want to end up with is how much Crisco you need)
Powder Sugar (lots of it)
Milk (a few teaspoons)
Vanilla (to taste)
Almond Extract (if you’re making these amazing cookies or want an almond flavor to your cake, cookies or whatever)
Food Coloring

You can use a hand mixer or your standing mixer.  Put in a big blop of Crisco (you want abotu as much Crisco as you want frosting–this will make the base of the frosting). Then add powdered sugar–lots and lots and lots of it. Mix, mix, mix and add some milk, vanilla, almond etc… to taste. You really have to keep tasting it to see if it needs more sugar, less sugar (add more crisco) or whatever and eventually you end up with a very light, airy and wonderfully, wonderful white frosting. I always take out about half of my frosting and color it, leaving the rest white (you can always add more color to white but you can’t take the color out of bright pink for instance). And there you go. Have fun frosting your cookies, or cakes or whatever you want to frost and you will be happy, very happy 🙂

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