Pico and Guacamole (or avocado cream as I like to call it…_)

25 May

Jeremy and I practically LIVE off of this stuff. It’s so good and so easy to make. I think I always have these ingredients on hand just because we like it so much and eat so much of it 🙂 Lucky for us it’s all good veggies! So, here goes:

Pico de Gallo
2-3 Tomatoes
1 Small onion
1 Lime
Dash of Salt
(Optional: 1 jalapeno)

Dice the tomatoes and put them in a bowl. Dice the onions and add them the same bowl. Dice up the cilantro (about 1/2 to 1 cup of it) and add it to the bowl. Cut a lime in half and squeeze half the lime juice into the bowl. At this point mix everything together and test it (see if it needs the other half of the lime, if not save it for the guacamole). Add a pinch of salt and you’re good to go! Serve with chips and enjoy…or reserve half of it for the awesome guacamole below!


Pico mixture from above

2 Haas Avocados

a little bit of sour cream


1/2 Lime


Cut the avocados in half and take out the pit. Scoop out the avocado mixture of both the avocados and put it in your food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients to the food processor (except for the pico mixture).  Processes the mixture until it looks like an amazingly yummy avacado cream (ahh this is SO good).  Add a couple of big spoonfuls to the pico and mix it all together. Taste it and add some more lime and salt if needed. Enjoy with chips, Mexican food or anything else you want to put it on.

This is YUMMY. We absolutely love eating this and have been eating it almost all summer. The cilantro really makes a huge difference. My mom has actually been making this for awhile, but I found it again on the Pioneer Woman website, so it’s kind of a family recipe, but also from online sources. Yum. You’ve got to make this. It’s so good–and good for you too!

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